İstanbul’a hoş geldiniz – or Welcome to Istanbul!

It is said Istanbul is the gateway to the Orient – this is also true.

Economically, Turkey has developed significantly in the last two decades. Furthermore, with its desire to join the European Union, the Turkish market has become increasingly attractive for German companies. Since the customs union between the EU and Turkey, which came into force in 1996, much has become easier, but there are still challenges as an exporter to Turkey with the actual settlement of transactions.

Nonetheless, German companies are increasingly taking on trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses in Turkey, either as exhibitors, via Turkish agents , or even as part of a federal or national pavilion.

The Tüyap Exhibition Centre in Istanbul, due to its geographical location alone, is very much appreciated by visitors from the Caucasus / Balkan and neighbouring Arab countries.
In addition, it is continually receiving new investment. A few years ago halls 11 and 12 were built. Now two additional halls are almost complete.

We at Expo Speed GmbH are through our past very specialized experience for events in Turkey. Through a long and friendly relationship with GRUPTRANS Co. Inc., the official exhibition forwarder at Tüyap and the largest exhibition forwarder in Turkey, we have successfully carried out very many projects in recent years.

It makes no difference whether it is an event at the Tüyap or CNR at Istanbul airport, a hotel on the Bosporus, or on the beautiful coast in Antalya.

Our experienced team offers you full support – not only the transport, but especially for compliance with Turkish policy for temporary or permanent customs clearance and of course in the handling of your shipment on the ground! It goes without saying that we are already supporting you proactively with document production well before the shipping date – thereby ensuring that your shipment is easily inserted into Turkey.

We look forward to seeing you! However, for now, goodbye from Turkey:
“Türkiye de görüşmek üzere, Hoşça kalın