Professional trade fair logistics
for your success

We bring your exhibits and equipment
directly to the stand - smoothly and reliably
Expo Speed GmbH, since 2013

Logistics for your perfect appearance


Optimize your trade fair appearance with our precise and reliable trade fair logistics.


First-class conference logistics to ensure smooth processes.

Corporate events

Tailor-made logistics for corporate events ensure everything runs smoothly.

Expo Speed Logistics

You tell us where,
we will deliver it

Expo Speed GmbH, since 2013

We'll do that for you

1. Pickup

Seamless transport solutions for your success.

2. Customs clearance

Smooth customs clearance for effortless transport.

3. Storage

Efficient storage, optimal solutions.

4. Special trips

Fast air transport, global connectivity.

5. Shipping

Efficient shipping, global networking.

6. On-site inspection

Precise control for seamless logistics.

Happy customers

Our logistics solutions are tailored to your needs to ensure efficient and reliable supply chains.

Orders completed

From collection to delivery – our logistics experts take care of every order with the utmost precision and efficiency.


Punctuality is at the heart of our services to ensure your shipments arrive at the right time.

Just test us

This is how we come together:

Send request

We are ready to accept your order inquiries and develop tailor-made solutions.


We will promptly prepare tailor-made offers for you that are optimally tailored to your logistical needs.


With us, every order goes through a careful check to ensure a smooth process and the highest quality.

Order release

After a thorough review, every order is approved by us for release to ensure seamless execution.

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